Lusscroft Farm is a historic farm located in the hills of Wantage Township, NJ.  This farm once belonged to Enos Brink.  In 1914, James Turner purchased the property.  Mr. Turner took his research and gentleman farmer interests seriously.  His objectives were to improve milk production and breeding of dairy cattle as well as chickens.  He experimented with newer techniques (e.g. artificial hay drying) and with the cows, artificial insemination.  During this period, the majority of the buildings we see today at Lusscroft were built by James Turner, who also acquired several other area farms bringing the total property to over 1,000 acres.  He built barns, chicken houses and workshops.  Today there are still numerous buildings needing maintenance and restoration, some of which will soon be historically registered.  

Included on the list of structures are the original Brink house, the Manor House built as Mr. Turner's residence, and garage, typical of the size that would house three cars of the size  typical of the period and an incredible craft period structure built for his brother as a hunting cabin.  The cabin is high on the hill and a popular spot for hikers and trail riders to visit.  

When James Turner decided to retire in 1931, he deeded the property to the State of New Jersey with the proviso they would continue the work he had started. That was the beginning of the Rutgers Experiment Station which continued for nearly 60 years, when it was converted into what some locals remember well as the Beemerville 4-H Camp.  The camp operated until the end of the century and was then closed, with the State considering alternatives, including demolition.

At that time, a new organization, the Heritage and Agriculture Association, Inc. (H&AA) a nonprofit group, asked for a public meeting to assess the situation.  Clearly the people who attended did not want to lose this historic site. The property is under the supervision of the High Point State Park and the D.E.P.  Today, as a result, Lusscroft remains more or less intact, except for some changes.  Regardless of a building or two that might not be saved, the rest are targets for restoration and those efforts are backed by the H&AA.  For more information on Lusscroft and their yearly event calendar visit their website HERE

The Northwest Jersey Horse Show is a non-profit organization made up of a group of individuals with many years of experience organizing and running horse shows.  We run an annual series as well as an annual fundraiser and year end awards ceremony.  Our series is tailored to the beginner-intermediate rider of all ages and is designed to educate and encourage our exhibitors throughout the show experience.  Our shows are affordable and family friendly and we pride ourselves with creating a fun, low pressure show experience.   

With all of this in mind, the organization also looks to support the efforts to stabilize and restore Lusscroft Farm in Wantage Twp., NJ.  Lusscroft Farm, a former 4H Camp in the hills of Wantage Twp., and adjacent to High Point State Park, is a beautiful historic site where the NWJHS holds all of our events and shows.  We donate 30% of all proceeds from our events back to the restoration efforts.  We reserve the right to donate to other charitable causes, but the primary charitable cause at this time is to see a future for this historic farm.  We do so in coordination with the Heritage and Agriculture Association Inc., who works for the restoration of historic Lusscroft Farm, and the NJ D.E.P, Division of Parks and Forestry.

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The mission of The Northwest Jersey Horse Show is to support youth, agriculture, equine interests and charitable endeavors. Our primary goal is to offer a family-oriented venue for novice riders of all ages to hone their knowledge and showing/competition skills. We are working to provide the opportunity for our exhibitors to learn a variety of skills, look at various disciplines and share knowledge with one another. It is also important to NWJHS that we offer this in a wholesome environment that is affordable and fun for everyone.

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