New for 2021

                For our 2021 season we will be implementing some small changes as follows:

Fun & Games:  Our exhibitors have always enjoyed playing games at the end of our shows. Over the past several years we have modified our games because of time/daylight and footing.  Every year we re-evaluate our class schedule and make adjustments based on “demand”. We have been having trouble drawing Western riders to our shows and despite multiple attempts to change things nothing has helped. Therefore, we have decided to condense our Western offerings and add some new things including a “Fun & Games” division.  This will be a pointed division with permanent classes on the schedule.  Entries will be required for these classes.  Day & Year End Awards will be given in this division.

Additions to Year End Awards:

Fun & Games Champion/Reserve


**2021 Year End Awards will be cancelled due to the short season. We hope to reinstate a year end awards next year.